With a vast network of depots countrywide, Value Truck Rental is able to provide you with access to a superbly maintained fleet of light delivery vehicles suitable for all your needs. These vehicles are available on daily, monthly or ad hoc rentals and come with several additional options:

  • Full Maintenance Leasing (FML)
  • First class drivers or self-drive option
  • Competitive insurance rates

#1 Ton SC 4×41 Ton Canopy1 Ton Double Cab1 Ton Hi-Rider1 Ton DC 4×4 Minespec1 Ton DC 4×4

UC Code Code 13 Code 9 Code 10 Code 11 Code 12 Code 13
Payload in Tons 900kg 900kg 750kg 900kg 900kg 900kg
Body Length 155cm 225cm 155cm 225cm 155cm 155cm
Body Width 150cm 145cm 150cm 145cm 145cm 150cm
Body Height 42cm 100cm 450cm 42cm 42cm 45cm